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Thank you for helping me to make one of my dreams come true! My family and I thank you very much. We couldn't have accomplished this without your help. Thank you for being patient and understanding with us. ★★★★★

Audrey Shaw

I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for guiding and helping me with the entire home-buying process! All your help was truly appreciated and my family is very grateful. We are officially moved into our new home! ★★★★★

Rashda Bibi

I just wanted to thank the whole team working on my loan. Especially Ronald Akromas who had enough patience to finally get me to closing. It was long and thorough process with buying my first home but working with Ron was a pleasure. He always kept me updated and made sure that I understood all the procedures. From the first day when I started to work with him he insured me that I will get my house no matter what. He kept his word! I'm already thinking about buying another property after 6 months and definitely would like to continue this process with Ron. Thanks once again. ★★★★★

Anna Wodkowska

Working with Lou D'Angelo & his staff during the home buying process was a pleasure. From the day we went there to get pre-approved, to the day we were handed our keys, Lou helped us through each step along the way. He was always there to answer our questions thoroughly and at any time, whether it was a week night or a Sunday afternoon, Lou got back to us almost immediately. My wife and I highly recommend Lou for all home buyers. We couldn't do it without him!" Richie & Lindsey Fairless. March 27,2017 Thanks again Lou, the house is coming along well! ★★★★★

Richard Fairless

Ron was our banker, he is a very nice person that help us out through all the process. He was available for us all the time with any question we had and thanks to him we got our first home. We deffinately will recomend him to any person we know that wants to buy a house. Once again thanks Ron!!! ★★★★★

Nairoby & Juan
Hillside, NJ

Hi Lou, Thanks for all your help and advice in getting the refinancing done. As always was a pleasure working with you. Enjoy your weekend. Best Joe & Carol ★★★★★

Joe Gilhawley
Rutherford, NJ

Lou, Thank You so much for working with us to get our first Mortgage (More to come hopefully :)) We appreciate all your help and efforts behind the scene to get things done. We can't thank you enough you and your team (Specially Karina) Thanks for all the advices as well. Karina, Thank You. Best regards, Alex, Robert & Sam ★★★★★

Alex, Robert, and Sam
East Rutherford, NJ

I'm writing to let you know how pleased my husband Eric and I were with Ron's prompt handling of our mortgage. He guided us through all the many hurdles and was always on top of every issue, he better informed us of everything going on even more so than our lawyer. If it weren't for Ron, I'm not sure we would've managed to get through all of this. He is a great guy who gives his job 100 percent. ★★★★★

Eric & Shannon Schaffer
Alpha, NJ

     Dan is a true professional. He made the process simple and kept me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend him if you are looking to work with someone with knowledge and integrity.★★★★★

Mckinney, TX

Dear Lou & Staff,

     I am writing this letter to thank you for the diligent and professional job that your staff performed in assisting us in obtaining a mortgage. Lou and Karina were extremely helpful and courteous in answering our questions and providing us insight throughout the various stages of the mortgage process. Again, please thank your staff for their professionalism and a job well done! We highly recommend LCD Mortgage Company! ★★★★★

Donna & James Buono

Lou & Staff

     Mike and I would just like to thank everyone for helping us get our home. You guys have been nothing but great! You made each step easier & easier and, of course, less stressful! Again, thank you again for all of your hard work!! ★★★★★

Christina & Mike Johnson

     Thank you so much for all the help in acquiring a mortgage. The staff was excellent to work with friendly and knowledgeable. The process was seamless and I was never asked to produce the same paperwork twice. It was a pleasurable experience and hope to work with in again in any future.

Thank you so very much! ★★★★★

Karen Kropilak


     I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and professionalism with helping me to close last month. I know it was a nightmare to deal with this seller and it was not easy. Despite all of the bumps along the way, you remained optimistic that we would close. It was truly a pleasure to have you by my side and I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and family! ★★★★★

Rhea Moore
East Orange, NJ

     My name is Christopher Pena and I am writing this email to let you know how Happy my family and I are with everything that Ron and the Team at LCD Mortgage help us accomplished. This would be the 2nd time we have crossed path when we initially bought the house and now when we refinanced it. Both time we received exceptional help, and professionalism from everyone.
     Going into this refinance we were scared, as again we were venturing onto unknown territory for us. What we wanted to accomplish with our refinance has very little information online, trust me I did my research on everything before picking up the phone. But once I did pick up the phone there was no looking back and no more worrying. Ron basically held our hands through the whole process; he listened to what we wanted. We went back and forth, with us asking him questions, he asking us a few. At the end of it, we were 100% clear on what exactly we wanted to accomplish and how to go about it.
     After our initial conversation with Ron things picked up steam, only slightly slowing down when more questions arrived but not only did Ron addressed them correctly he did it very fast. I love the fact that Ron made himself available to us through his work number, Cell (both calls and text), and to me most importantly email. I have a bunch of emails of me and Ron going back and forth with only a very few minutes passing between responses. I really think if Ron was not as open to communication as he was this deal would had been very slow and painful, maybe even to the point where it would had not gone through.
     It is now about 2 to 3 weeks since the refinance went through and Ron and I are still communicating through emails. He is still following up on everything, making sure not only that we are happy with LCD Mortgage but that we are happy with our new mortgage and making sure that all the terms that where agreed upon are met in a timely fashion. This here is awesome, it speaks volume on the type of person that Ron is and it shows how much he cares and loves what he does.
     Looking forward to our next adventure, be it selling the house to buy a new one, or buying another house altogether or maybe even another refinance. I know I am calling LCD mortgage and asking for Ron, and it will be reassuring to know everything will be exactly how we want it to be. Thank you very much ★★★★★

Christopher Pena
Bloomfield, NJ


     I just want to say thank you for making our mortgage loan easy and smooth at the time of closing. It was a pleasure working with you and your team. I will recommend you to family and friends for new purchases and refinancing. ★★★★★

Cedar Grove, NJ

     Eric and I, would like to let you know how happy we are with the service Ron Provided. He was awesome throughout the entire mortgage process and it made it stress free as possible. We will definitely be recommending him to friends and families. ★★★★★

Sherika Falconer

Hi Lou,

     The closing went well and we spent the last two days getting everything in. Now the big work starts!!! I just wanted to thank you, Karina, and the rest of your office for working so hard to get this done! ★★★★★

- -

Hi Lou,

     I wanted to thank you very much for all your help and even getting me a lower rate. This process seemed very smooth with you and your company. Working with a bank directly last year was a very bad experience for me and this was the complete opposite.
     I can see why Maggie highly recommended you. If I hear of anyone looking to start the mortgage process, I will recommend you to them. ★★★★★

Weehawken, NJ

Dear Frankie, Karina, & Mayra,

     We just wanted to thank your team for all their hard work. Things are going well and we love our new home! ★★★★★

Lilly & Chris
Garfield, NJ

Dear Lou,

     Thanks so much for everything! You have been very helpful. Your whole team has been very helpful in the past few months and I appreciate all of your help. Thank you! ★★★★★

- -

Dear Lou,

     The LCD Mortgage team worked tirelessly, beyond the usual 9-5, to answer our questions and help move the process along. My husband and I are beyond appreciative of their dedication to helping us get our dream home! Dealing with LCD Mortgage versus directly with a banking institution, which can feel more robotic, helped us remain relatively relaxed throughout the mortgage process. You are a true expert in the mortgage world and his leadership is exemplary! Thanks Again! ★★★★★

Carol and Adel

Dear Lou,

     Just wanted to thank you & your staff at LCD Mortgage for helping our family fulfill our dream to be homeowners!!! Everyone's assistance & patience were greatly appreciated... keep up the good work & all the best to everybody! ★★★★★

- -

Dear Mr. D'Angelo,

     As you know, we were able to close today. Our sincere gratitude for all the support we got from you and your team through the process. It was really a pleasure doing business with you. ★★★★★

Ruby & Jesus

Dear Lou,

     Thank you for all your help in assisting me with my mortgage process. I appreciate all the hard work you and your staff have done. All the staff at LCD Mortgage were extremely helpful at all times and most of all professional. Again, thank you for all your help. ★★★★★

- -

Dear Peter,

     Thank you! You definitely were the best throughout this process! You were very receptive and always answered my questions! I would recommend you to anyone!! You do an awesome job! Keep it up! ★★★★★

- -

Dear Lou,

     I cannot thank you enough! It was touch and go as to whether I would get this mortgage, and somehow you put it together! I will always be indebted to you and your staff, and will continue to do business with your firm in the future. Keep up the good work! ★★★★★

- -

     Peter is a wonderful person to work with, in addition to providing us with a low rate on our mortgage, he took the time to thoroughly answer all of our questions that we had as first-time homebuyers. From pre-qualification to closing, Peter was great to work with, there wasn't a call or text unanswered, day and night. My husband and I are delighted with all the amazing work Peter has done for us, he really is knowledgeable, accessible, and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that wants to buy property. ★★★★★

- -

Lou and Michael,

     Thank you for everything you did and for all of your patience and understanding in getting us this house. Couldn't have done this without you! ★★★★★

Frank, Carol, and David

Dear Lou and Team,

     Thank you all for your hard work on my refinance. Your professionalism and dedication is certainly appreciated. I will gladly recommend you to my friends and family. ★★★★★

Brian E.

Hello Ron,

     I first off want to thank you for all your assistance. You and your office personnel made this a very simple process. ★★★★★


     My wife and I used the professionals at LCD Mortgage to buy and refinance our first home. Lou and his team were extremely helpful and took the time to be sure we understood all our options as we went through both the original purchase and the refinance. My wife and I had really wanted to be in our new home prior to Christmas of 2010 and Lou and his team made that happen! Every question we had was answered in a manner which made us feel extremely comfortable and confident in the decisions we were making.

     Buying a home can be an extremely stressful experience, but the LCD Team was able to help us through the process step by step. During our refinance, Lou provided us with advice to make sure we were able to get out of an FHA loan in order to secure us an excellent rate. We were extremely pleased with the help provided by Lou and his team, and are looking forward to our next home purchase with LCD Mortgage! ★★★★★

Kyle K.

     Watching the sunset for the first time on our second level. Thanks to all of you who contributed time and effort to make this happen this week!!!

     Thanks again and enjoy a well deserved weekend! ★★★★★

Aida B.

     About 5 years ago, I contacted Lou and wanted to by a cute little house with my wife. I am not a wealthy teacher, but he assured me he would do all he could to help me. A few weeks later I had my mortgage, no excuses, no runaround.
      In the last few months, I saw that rates were very low and wanted to get a refi. I sadly forgot about Lou and heard a radio ad about a refi deal for around $500. That sounded good to me. After doing everything they asked I was told that my house did not appraise for enough, I thought this was strange as the appraisal was about $60,000 more than I was asking for. I was rejected for my refi. (and they kept my $500) I was very disappointed, then my wife reminded me about Lou. I emailed him and he got back to me in like an hour. We reviewed my situation and he told me not to worry.
      The only worry is now I am paying about $30 more a month, but instead if 30 years, I only will pay for 15! That is quite a happy change. Lou cut me down 10 years of payments. My hat is off to a guy that saved my around $100,000.
      I recommend you contact him and his associates with your house financing needs. He treated me honestly and honorably, something that is hard to come by these days. ★★★★★

Mark B.

Dear Lou,

     Thank you for your assistance with the mortgage process. You were a pleasure to work with and we appreciate all your help and hard work. ★★★★★

Michele K. & Chris K.

Mr. D'Angelo,

     I wanted to thank you for all of your help. My family and I were so much more comfortable moving forward with mortgage process with your help. You are truly a great guy. Hope your family is well. Wish you and your family the best! ★★★★★

Jason R.

Lou, Ron & Karina,

     Thank you very much for helping us out in this process. We finally have a house and it's a great feeling. We are thankful to God that we were led to you guys at LCD Mortgage. I hope God brings many blessings to each and everyone of you, in your families and personal lives and that he may bless this business of yours and the team of people you work with. ★★★★★

Erica J.

     Thank you for your services over the past several months. I really felt like you were working for me. Please enjoy this gift of appreciation. ★★★★★

Pat G.

Dear Lou, Ron, Karina & all the good folks at LCD Mortgage,

     Thank you all so very much for all of your hard work in assisting us refinance our mortgage. Your professionalism, courteousness and overall positive attitude is very much appreciated. I will recommend your organization to all of my family and friends. Thanks again. ★★★★★

Anne K. & John K.
Totowa, NJ

     Buying a house can be an overwhelming experience, luckily Lou and his team guided us from our first loan inquiry to our last signature. From start to finish all of our questions/concerns were answered quickly and explained thoroughly. Whenever a problem surfaced it was dealt with promptly.
     Lou and his team know this business front to back and are skilled enough to simplify this very complicated process. I recommend using LCD Mortgage, to anyone looking to buy a new home. ★★★★★

Kristin O.

     My recent experience with LCD mortgage was exceptional. The expert staff guided me through every step of the way on an especially difficult closing. LCD was able to get me the best rate and took care of all the details.

     As a first-time home buyer, I was able to put my confidence in LCD and had peace of mind that I was getting the best possible service. I would highly recommend LCD for your mortgage needs. ★★★★★

Kevin I.


     I'd like to thank you for helping me refinance my house under LCD mortgage. I really appreciate your help & will be glad to recommend you to anybody. The lower monthly mortgage payments & interest helped me a lot financially. Thanks again! ★★★★★

Lana Marie E.


     Thank you for going the extra mile to find me a solution, when it was not you responsibility to do so. I am in sales, and understand how important integrity and a personal brand is. If you ever need a recommendation for a potential client, do not hesitate to refer them my way. ★★★★★

Dominick Q.

     I would like to thank you for your help and patience with me during my home buying experience. I was very nervous and had many questions but you were always a phone call away to calm me down and thoroughly explain to me what I needed to know. You always made me feel like a priority and "NO" was never an answer for you.

     Once again I would like to thank you and would recommend you to everyone! Thank you very much. ★★★★★

Phil P.

Dear Lou,

     I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. You persevered and went above and beyond to obtain this mortgage for me. A great job by you and your staff. The closing went well. Thanks again! ★★★★★

- -

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